About Eric Fry

Eric Fry

I love to get out and capture images of different things that catch my eye, especially rural areas and the wild flora and fauna. I got into digital photography in late 2007, and it has changed the way I look at everything around me. I'm still in the realm of point-and-shoot digitals, but I'm using them on the manual settings to get myself prepared for the step up to a DSLR. When I have the finances, and my photography improves quite a bit, I'll make that step.

As far as me personally, I'm a pretty boring guy. I'm not really into the things most guys are into; I prefer a quieter life than most. I still play my guitars and sing a bit, but after 30 years at it, I've pretty much gone as far as my limited abilities will take me. Photography has been a Godsend for me; it's the first thing I've found in a very long time to capture my attention and imagination for more than a few weeks. Once year or so, I'll go out with a friend to hear some live music (usually the band King's X). Other than that, it's just work, photography, some heavy reading, and petting my dogs.

Photography Equipment

Nikon P5100 and P80, Adobe Lightroom, FastStone Image Viewer, Pall Mall cigarettes, Walther PPK, DEET and Picaridin mosquito repellents.